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Season 1 Episode 1 First Encounter First Impression

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 1 First Encounter First Impression

“Here’s a quick look at just a few of the events inside Season 1 Episode 1 First Encounter First Impression …

Roughly 23,390 words reveal mixed emotions along with the highest highs and darkest lows for three unusual teenagers!

The impossible dream begins with age and experience meeting youth and energy. Ideas meet know-how, to ignite a journey unlike any other for three teenagers and a few of their friends. But can a mother’s love be enough to help one young lady achieve her impossible dream?

On a chance encounter, a man sees his dream, which begins a series of adventures that change so many lives!

On a journey home, a man stops for an unscheduled break and stumbles upon an image he thought he’d never see. This brief yet exciting encounter reignites his dream and sets him onto a path of new discoveries.

A neglected old building, or a dry and private place for building and growing dreams. You decide?

Some people can only see a large wooden shed that’s in disrepair and neglect. But one teenager can see beyond the old dried out timber to see an opportunity to grow and expand her dreams. Is fate starting to smile on her and her friends?

A single teenager stands face to face and toe to toe with the school bully. When physical threats and mind games start to become real.

Some people think they can treat people like dirt until the underdog has enough and tempers break. A band named ‘Hell’s Comet’ play real music, or so their self-proclaimed leader thinks! Does talent win the day or do threats, and big brothers help little brother take the prize?

Tiny fireworks, stories about distant lands and warm summer nights spark a youthful imagination!

The journey of a lifetime starts to unfold … BUT … does anyone realise, let alone the people involved? Then a steel sheet set in a steel frame and cast into a concrete floor, catches the eye and imagination of one young person. Before an underground space, which is almost empty, plays a massive role in a story yet to be told.

“A Few Selections For You …

The events above are only a fraction of what you can expect to read in my Season 1 Episode 1 First Impression First Encounter of the complete Book entitled Season 1 Ellie Elmore and the Impossible Dream, so don’t miss out, join in to see what the Ellie Elmore stories have to offer you!

Season 1 is the First Season in my intended 7 Season Series of stories entitled Ellie Elmore A Life Touched by Gods & Men.

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