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Season 1 Episode 2 Little Secrets Big Ideas

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 2 Little Secrets Big Ideas

“Discover a little of what Season 1 Episode 2 Little Secrets Big Ideas has to offer you ...

Three teenagers learn about the CEO of a famous record label in London. Before a new song title along with its song poem of the same name is exposed for the first time ...

The name of the boss of the biggest record label in the United Kingdom ignites big dreams for three young minds. And a father learns of his son’s musical passion before getting to read a song-poem which accompanies a song his son helped produce!

REM Sleep sees shiny shapes and people who look different from normal? And seeing your nightmares causes panic, confusion, and anxiety.

A certain teenager’s eyelids start to flicker while she’s asleep, dreaming. And her nightmares include people with strange faces, all running, screaming, and shouting. But not a single sound is heard.

The start of a new job changes many lives after a meeting in London for one passionate music lover. Then, many more changes follow, but not all of them are good.

Years of hard work in the music industry earn this man his dream job. Followed by many more years before he finally becomes the top dog in the UK music industry!

A spring clean and some fresh Passion Purple paint does wonders for a tired old building. Before big dreams and passion make that building dance.

The colour Passion Purple becomes the new vogue. As pleasure meets, passion and musical tastes forge big dreams. Then someone tingles with goose bumps, as two wannabe rock stars play their music in earnest.

A new music studio gets the coolest of names, by an individual who has a flash of genius. Before tiny dancing stars show themselves to one young lady!

A distant planet from beyond the sun is a favourite story. And three eager minds sit and listen as they take in each word of what seems impossible. Is it all impossible? Or is it just not achieved yet?

“A Few Selections For You …

The events above are only a fraction of what you can expect to read in my Season 1 Episode 2 Little Secrets Big Ideas of the complete Book entitled Season 1 Ellie Elmore and the Impossible Dream, so don’t miss out, join in to see what the Ellie Elmore stories have to offer you!

Season 1 is the First Season in my intended 7 Season Series of stories entitled Ellie Elmore A Life Touched by Gods & Men.

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