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Season 1 Episode 3 Smiling Eyes Innocent Hearts

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 3 Smiling Eyes Innocent Hearts

“Check out these unusual events inside Season 1 Episode 3 Smiling Eyes Innocent Hearts ...

A certain young lady can’t take her eyes off the handsome young man opposite her. And a barbecue see’s old and new friends gather for some fun, but not everyone is happy?

A teenager watches every move of the man across her table. And passion and emotion stir in a young heart before music changes the scene. Then a feast of food and fun hears words of anger as tempers rise to show their face.

Is a new female trying to replace a mother’s love! Or is she sympathetic to a teenager’s past? And the day Hell Froze Over see’s the mother of all fights between two big men. But what’s the prize?

Is sheer delight false, or can someone be truly happy to meet you for the first time, even without knowing you? And the day Hell Froze Over see’s blood and bone smash into each other. As two big men, watched by two opposing gangs, fight for the big prize, even though one of them already owns that prize?

The best music venue in town is a roller coaster of dance and emotion, but that’s not all that goes on there! Vince is in charge of the music scene and keeps an eye open for trouble from above.

The house rules get pointed out because some people get out of hand. And three teenagers have a guided tour to meet the bands before the live music starts. Then Ellie and the guy’s head for the security deck to get a clear view of the stage, but that’s not all they see.

A secret room which even a wife didn’t know about, gets revealed for the first time in many years. But only a special few see its contents. And a shelf full of sturdy boxes holds the life’s work of one man’s songs, stories, and drawings!

One man’s life work has been a secret for exactly that, a lifetime. Because another man felt the world wasn’t ready to hear the truth about itself? And a baby grew into a boy, who grew into a mature man. Before he felt the time, was right to tell his dad’s story to a few interested people, and three gifted teenagers?

A new band acquires its official name, which is a made-up, two-word name, meaning Triple Happiness. Then the band’s natural lead singer-songwriter explains how she made up that name and why?

A particular sixteen-year-old girl is full to the brim with passion for her music. And her two best friends match her passion every inch of the way. Then notable tingle moments show themselves as sensations, surges or signals from within, or on her body, every time she sings.

“A Few Selections For You …

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Season 1 is the First Season in my intended 7 Season Series of stories entitled Ellie Elmore A Life Touched by Gods & Men.

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