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Season 1 Episode 4
Horrific Accident Powerful Emotions

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 4  Horrific Accident Powerful Emotions

“Here's a few events from inside Season 1 Episode 4 Horrific Accident Powerful Emotions ...

A passionate roar starts the design process for their first album cover? Then the album name follows shortly afterwards.

A sleepless night produces a rough drawing for an album cover. And the drawing proves an immediate hit with her two best friends. Then a fresh mind wants the design for a tattoo before yet more ideas flow, and an album name gets chosen.

A particular band acquires two new members bringing the total members to four. And the band’s new name gets revealed, along with an explanation of its meaning?

Two become four as new skill sets add to a musical adventure that promises to be something special. Then the new guys find out the real meaning behind the band’s name. After a full explanation from the creator herself.

A speeding car causes a horrific accident which opens the door to death. And life on her own is looking inevitable for one young girl as a moment of emotion turns to crimson red.

Two cars collide, and an innocent pedestrian feels the full force of the impact. Bringing his existence into question? And commotion and confusion rule as a single tear drop changes to the colour of danger.

A cuddly soft toy means the world to one young girl, as well as bringing her mother into her life. And deep thoughts bring old nightmares back to the present day.

A mix of emotions means feeling scared and alone in this life. Because bullies, bad school days and a father fuelled by beer is a regular experience. Then without reason, this teenager is up and running through a misty forest. Stealing oxygen from the cold midnight air so she can run even faster?

An old face from a new world shows itself in the most unlikely of rooms. Before a blue light reveals an unusual character to three teenagers and one adult. The adult isn’t shocked, but he is completely surprised.

An unexpected meeting happens just when all seems to be going wrong for a particular teenager. Is this meeting fate? Then a journey starts to unfold that changes the lives of all involved. Especially the teenagers. And technologies not yet imagined by humankind. Are used in ways never thought of by present-day humanity.

“A Few Selections For You …

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