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Season 1 Episode 5 Astral Eye

Adventures Planet Ethar Dreams

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 5 Astral Eye Adventures Planet Ethar Dreams

“Read below to discover just a few of the events inside Season 1 Episode 5 Astral Eye Adventures Planet Ethar Dreams ...

The first meeting between total strangers from completely different worlds? The richness of colour and the proportions of the people involved are quite staggering.

A royal party of this magnitude is hard to take in on the first occasion. And the security used to protect the royalty is mind-blowing and apparently harmless, or is it?

Otyss serves the Labyrinth, which sits at the heart of this unusual life source? While the knowledge of generations is only known by one and only ever disclosed to a high authority.

The truth of the birth and existence of a race of people is only known by one and guarded vigorously. And this sacred information is only passed down to those who know how, and when to use it?

There’s only one way to ingest more oxygen into their bloodstreams. While being partially exposed to the effects of outer space. But what is it? And does it work?

Negative Ion’s keep the heart pumping and the brain active. In an environment, harmful to the human body. And all three teenagers can’t take their eyes off the sight in front of them as they scan the Av Deck.

All is calm until Gate Runners enter a portal to try and cause havoc with their hostile actions. Then the Dexster begins to take charge of the situation.

Security personnel surround the Dexster in an unusual way. Then his commands start to take effect. And the King and his party head for a safe area as the Astral Elite Guards move into action by taking up arms.

A certain music grid is the planet’s hottest venue where all the big names perform. And the grandest Poda of all accompanies the venue. Which hosts the most significant music competition of the year.

MG49 houses the Poda21 which is the grandest and most magnificent Poda of them all. And this is where the royal suite sits in its prime position, giving the best views of the whole music grid. It's also where the Queen and her female companions like to let their hair down a little and dance like diva's on occasion.

“A Few Selections For You …

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