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Season 1 Episode 6
Facing Death Breathes Fresh Life

Ellie Elmore Season 1 Episode 6 Facing Death Breathes Fresh Life

“See below for a little of what's inside Season 1 Episode 6 Facing Death Breathes Fresh Life ...

Elite Head Pilot Benjee’s skills are needed as Gate Runners threaten life from both sides of the sun. And even the unlikeliest of individuals feel deep emotions!

Explosions and destruction cause death and carnage in deep space as evil fighters try to destroy wealth and happiness. And an evil Lord doesn’t really know who he’s trying to kill, or does he? Then, kind words from new friends leave one individual struck with emotion.

A song collaboration between three gifted music creators could be a possibility! As long as one individual agrees. And one musician’s work ethic could be a stumbling block for her working partners?

A father and his daughter live and breathe music. Then a music collaboration is offered to the daughter right out of the blue. If only she can manage her work ethic to collaborate with others? Because one young man is hoping, she can!

Four unsuspecting people see the Dancing Stars for the first time! Which makes one musician stop playing her guitar to take in the breath-taking effect?

Musical dreams mix to bring an explosion of colour and movement to life. Making four fresh minds stand up and take notice of this never seen before, spectacular event! Is this the start of a musical marriage?

Roar Passion is more than it suggests as it includes music and art never seen or heard before by the masses! Then a new design debuts to become the artistic tag for a new band?

Roar Passion and Passion Purple mark the start for what is to come in a musical adventure unlike any other! Then a fresh design tag shows its face to the world. And adding the word Tri creates a whole new word for seven enthusiastic individuals?

Ellie listens intently as a new band member describes her “Green World Fantasy.” Which features futuristic cityscapes! And the CEO of Raggy Rock Records tells how something BIG is happening at his music label?

Ellie is shocked to hear new descriptions of futuristic lands and cities. Because they’re very close to her own, very recent, real-world adventure. And a certain CEO doesn’t give too much away about the something BIG that’s going to happen at his music label. BUT it does mean he could be leaving the biggest music label in the United Kingdom.

“A Few Selections For You …

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